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Nanocraft-Steel Warcraft 3D Metal Puzzle

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This puzzle is a do it yourselfer's dream

Exceptional detail and exiting craftsmanship are waiting to be assembled into a deadly predator. Nanocraft is a metal 3D puzzle that comes to life when fully crafted!

If you have an eye for detail you’ll love making it, every small bit makes the experience better and the look even more refined. Cut by lasers, every part fits perfectly in its place.

Treat yourself with a 3D metal puzzle straight out of a horror movie. Test your skills against the most challenging puzzle you’ve yet to assemble.

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Why Nanocraft is for you

A crafting experience like no other- Challenge yourself to build the metal monster of your nightmares. It’s the coolest 3D sculpture you've yet to build.

Monstrous metal machines- Every beast is highly responsive and flexible. Nanocrafts will come to life after being assembled.

Exceptional detail- Every bit is precisely made to fit in its position. Nanocraft’s deadly beauty is in its lifelike details.

Nanocraft is the ultimate choice- Build your most challenging 3D puzzle yet! In Nanocraft you’ll find your most memorable crafting experience yet.

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